April 01, 2024

Join RASCAL's Fantasy Challenge League

We invite you to join in the fun!

Join RASCAL's Fantasy Challenge League

Here it is! The first Rascal fantasy football league. And we invite you - the Rascal community - to join in the fun.

We're ramping up to a full fantasy football league next season, and thought what better way to trial our plans then get started right away! The Premier League just dropped a new game format called Fantasy Challenge where each week is a fresh start with a different challenge, meaning there's always a chance for you to top our leaderboard.

Use the link below for your exclusive invite to the Rascal Fantasy Challenge League.

Join League: Rascal Fantasy Challenge
League Code: 6l5g38

We'll give a shout out to the player on top each week, so keep a look out on our social media channels and be sure to subscribe to our emails for updates.

If you're new to fantasy football or want to learn more about the FPL Challenge, please see the links below for more details.

A Beginners Guide - https://www.premierleague.com/news/3938805

What Is It & How to Play? - https://www.premierleague.com/news/3937553

Terms & Conditionshttps://fplchallenge.premierleague.com/help/terms

Please note: We may be unable to support on specific requests around the setup or management of your fantasy football team. Please see a link below to further support on frequently asked questions.


Updated: April 01, 2024